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Designer App Studio is a Digital Marketing Company.

Advising and Implementation of Digital Marketing Niche Strategies.

If you are visiting this page today you are looking for HELP in driving customers to
your Restaurant or Small Business with out spending an arm and a leg.

Thats where Designer App Studio Strives.

Designer App Studio 

Provides a variety of A La Cart and Bundled Niche Digital Marketing Services.

Pay Per Results SEO

Don’t be fooled by SEO strategies 
that don’t get results.

Only a truly customized pay-for-performance SEO strategy will

turn those clicks into sales.

Here is an ultra-simplifiedexample of how how it works-

PAY ONLY when we actually get

you Page One Ranking

Designer App Studio - SEO - pay

per result can get it done.

Online Presence & Reputation Management

Enjoy unmatched distribution of your data to Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, and over 100 other third-party apps, maps, and social networks. Your Business Information appear when and where consumers look on desktop and mobile devices. And thanks to our patented Match & Lock™ process, you, and you alone, control when your information changes.

Get top ranking reviews while keeping negative feedback offline and visible only to you and your team. We completely automate customer follow-up and negative review filtering so you can focus on running your business. All communications are branded to your business and fully customizable to make sure your customers know it’s you.

Pay Per Results Marketing

Avertise on all the best websites for FREE an only PAY for IN-STORE SALES.

Introducing CPR™: Cost Per Revenue

Get impressions and clicks for free; you only pay when a sales happen. Our CPR Network reprsents 100M + consumers and 1500+ websites and apps. How it works:

1. Create a Cash Back Offer for Your Customers.

(Restaurants, Retail Stores, Local Services, Create cash Back Offers like 10% Cash Back)

2. Consumers Link Their Debit Card or Credit Card To Your Offers.

3. Consumers Shop At You Location.

Facebook Marketing

Results Based Facebook Marketing, Lead generation and Local campaigns with Gauranteed Results!* Your Facebook Ad will be seen by your target audience at least 8 times per campaign or get that months money back.*


Service Providers

Lead Generation-if you provide services, you want to reach a very specific audience that is in the market for your services and promote an offer to them GENERATING QUALITY LEADS.


Proximity Marketing

If you own a retail location you want to reach a specific audience close to your location that respond to your promotion GENERATING QUALITY WALK-INS.

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TO-Go Ordering Online

In todays critical market if you own a Restaurant, Food Truck, Pizza Joint, Burger Joint, You Name it, You need to distance your self from your customers(at least until this madness is lifted)

We help you drive up more TO-GO Orders and Generate More Revenue.

With a Small set up fee we can have you up and running taking orders online and mobile.

Looks lke this

1. We set up your Menu

2. We set up a ordering button on your Website & Facebook Page, If you dont have a Website we will create a Meu site with ordering Function for you.

3. Customer Logs In and Makes order

4. Owner/Manager Gets Notified on Phone or Dedicated Tablet of the Order

5. Customer picks up order.

Dont Miss Out On Your TO-GO orders

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